Help Re-Elect Lora Walker Chisago County Commissioner

Donations are one way you can help re-elect Lora Walker to move Chisago County responsibly into the future.  We could surely use your help with monetary contributions.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.   (Maximum $600* per person permitted by law.  *Note: this is an increase effective in 2014)    

          To donate toward the expense of Lora's campaign, please make check payable and mail to:    
          PO BOX 105    
          STACY, MN 55079.  Thank you!  

If you want to:   Host a lawn sign --  Participate in a parade with Lora -- Host a fund raiser "meet and greet" with Lora --

Volunteer as needed --  Please call 651-263-5073 or e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

   Big Sign

Representing Chisago County District 1

North Branch C, Chisago City, Lent Township, and North Chisago Lakes Township

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