False Statements on Chisago County Website:


Below is an excerpt from the promotional material for a new jail on the Chisago County website (as of 12/5/15).


"The safety and security of our community, including through maintaining and operating a County Jail, is a core public service and one required by state law.  In meeting this mandated service, the Chisago County Board of Commissioners is committed to supporting the most cost effective and efficient jail operation available."


Truth is we are not required by Minnesota state law to have a jail.  The mandate is to place inmates in secure locations.  However, it does not require us to own or buy that secure building (jail).


Fact provided by the Minnesota Department of Corrections:

(Question:) Is there a Minnesota state law that requires counties to have a jail?   (Answer:)  Statute (641.01) most closely covers that question.  It does not require a jail, but it gives the county board authorization to have a jail.



The county board of each county is authorized to construct, purchase, or lease, regulate and maintain, at the expense of the county, a jail for the safekeeping of prisoners, and also, adjoining and connected to it, a residence for the use of the sheriff.


Opinion:  A $32 million expense is anything but "modest" as claimed by majority commissioners.  Simply stated, commissioners are not legally "required" to build a jail or spend your money to pay for it.  It is a personal choice.


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A proven leader for Chisago County, Lora Walker is committed to providing responsible leadership, guiding Chisago County into the future with vision, while respecting it's heritage.

We should seek to develop; not just grow in size. A delicate balance of affordable homes, provision of services to residents, reliable roads and accessible bridges, increased local employment, schools and retail, are all key to a successful, vibrant community. A community our children can look forward to living in 25 years from now. Working for the common good, as your Commissioner, I will continue to advocate for a community that is balanced and sustainable. 

We don't often talk about our County's financial position. I feel we must meet citizen's needs without taxing them out of their homes.  I understand the impact of taxes on families and businesses and the importance of government spending within its means, and have worked hard toward that goal.  

My work led the way with NO county levy increases 6-years in a row and tax levy DECREASES the past 2-years!  My service on the County Budget Committee produced strong fiscal management resulting in our county bond rating being upgraded twice in recent years, saving many thousands of dollars in bond interest payments.

I have supported fiscal policies that cut waste, prioritized needs, and fulfilled State and Federal mandates.  We deserve action-oriented, independent leadership; I believe I offer that leadership.                                        

"Keep the Unity in our Community"


Representing Chisago County District 1

North Branch C, Chisago City, Lent Township, and North Chisago Lakes Township

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